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Aging in Place What do you call it? Here is a great video about ADU's, granny flats, accessory dwelling units, laneway housing or mother in law studio? I call it SMART! Watch it here and than decide what you call small housing!  
Apartments Rent vs Buy?? Check out this interactive map – it looks like buying is cheaper than renting- how long will this last?  
architecture Family Learns to Love Discomfort – LifeEdited Family Learns to Love Discomfort – LifeEdited.
downsizing The time has COME! After assisting so many people downsize the past 5 years- it is now MY TURN! I have sold the 4,000 sq ft home in suburbia – and I am heading URBAN- to a small 900 sq ft rental cottage I own. This is a side step since the dream is to build a new modern […]
Aging in Place I love this smart savvy Lady! I am so excited to introduce you to Michele Reeves, I just met her myself this week at the Waluga Masonic Lodge in Lake Oswego. The meeting that Michele was presenting was “Fundamentals of Thriving Downtowns”. You all know how I thrive to promote urban downtown living and that I am very active in being a stakeholder […]
architecture Skinny Homes around the World With the biggest food themed holidays just around the corner, not many of us are focusing on skinny (there’s plenty of time for that in Januray)!  But it looks like “skinny” is a growing trend around the world as land becomes more scarce and people continue to downsize! Check out these “skinny” homes from around […]
downsizing Bring your Antiques! Just because you are downsizing doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your favorite antique pieces! With a little creative thinking and good space planning those beloved hutches, chests, secretaries and bookcases can come along with you. They often provide ample storage, which is key in a downsized home and they almost certainly hold […]
bathroom design Bath Design: Wall mounted Vanities In many downsized homes, bathrooms inevitably get smaller too…so how can you make them appear more spacious? The answer : get that vanity up off the floor. Wall mounted sinks and storage not only make the bathroom easier to clean they visually trick the eye by revealing more floor space – instantly the room feels […]
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Community Home Tour : London Style Hi all, My name is Ivette and I’m guest posting on Candace’s blog today. She sent me out on assignment yesterday! Where? On a huge, red, London-esque double-decker bus, of course! Yup, at 10 am me and a gaggle of Windemere real estate agents boarded the cherry red bus for a royal real estate tour. […]
downsizing Downsized Dwellings # 1 Touring homes that have just hit the market allows real estate brokers to have the first look and get a jump on properties that might suit their client’s needs. In this market, homes have to be TOP NOTCH – clean as a whistle, updated, edited of personal photos, great lighting, fresh flowers and the outside […]
downsizing Boxes on my mind After my last post where the Feng Shui cube was featured, you could say that boxes have been on my mind. In fact, I found another fabulous article in the New York Times with these teeny tiny micro homes created by Derek Diedricksen. How cool are these? Talk about designing in a box! Using salvaged […]
downsizing Rent a home for the Holidays! If you are an empty-nester or retired with grand kids, you may be facing the pressures and delights of hosting the holidays in your home.  But what if you have already downsized to that trendy downtown condo or a lovely bungalow for two? Where do you put everyone? Where will you serve your grand feast? […]
downsizing Tumbleweed Houses Now, when most of us think of downsizing we think – “Let’s move from a four bedroom to a two bedroom.” Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company takes downsizing to a whole new level. His charming little homes range from an itty-bitty 65 square feet to 743 square feet. Jay lives in the […]
downsizing My love affair with Schwinn Okay, so I have a confession…I have a soft place in my heart for vintage Schwinn bikes. In fact, I own three. Meet my rides: I fixed up this cute red one with the the oh so stylish white tires, she lives at our beach house… The tandem bike gets lots of use at the beach […]
downsizing Urban garden inspiration I like to garden and get my hands dirty…it can truly be a creative experience – a zen moment. Although I may garden alone, sharing my garden with friends brings me much joy! Many of the people I meet, often feel attached to their large yard and this prevents them from downsizing. They may not […]