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Planning for The Next Great Migration

Heavy title, I know…but it’s something cities like Portland, has to consider. I’m biased but the fact is our city is incredibly beautiful, rich in resources and available land. We can count on an influx of our population in the future and people will continue to flock to the Great Northwest  – SO – how do we plan for it?

I recently attended one of the Bright Lights Discussions, hosted by Randy Gragg, Editor and chief at Portland Monthly Magazine and presented with the City Club of Portland. The topic: Climate Change and the Next Great Migration. (read more here) The fascinating forum took place at the fabulous Jimmy Mak’s club and was led by natural resource and transportation expert, Gail Achterman.

It was a full house and Gail held everyone in thrall with her passionate delivery. She pointed out that we can use this imminent population increase as an opportunity to restructure our land-use planning and reevaluate how we are conserving our natural resources.

With climate change, rapid growth and the threat of urban sprawl, now, more than ever, it is time to think creatively and plan accordingly so that Portland and its surrounding areas continue to flourish. Downsizing and using our land more efficiently make sense! Creating communities that offer public transportation along with eco-conscious designed residential and commercial spaces is key.

It’s tough living in a gorgeous place and it may take a little extra foresight to keep it that way…but someone’s gotta do it! I’m so glad that our city seems up for the challenge!

To read more about what is on the drawing board for the Willamette Valley go here. I highly recommend these monthly discussions, if you’d like to sign up for the Bright Lights newsletter so you don’t miss out go here and for more info visit the Bright Lights Facebook page here.

Get informed about the urban planning in your city and let your voice be heard.


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