CommunityEventsstories February 1, 2011

Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger @ the Woods

Last Friday night, we got the privilege of seeing the band, Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger at The Woods. The Woods is a fantastic, eclectic venue that is a funeral home turned concert hall, bar and lounge, nestled in the historic neighborhood of Sellwood! They even do bingo/bourbon nights! As unique as Portland itself, this new spot is one of P-town’s best kept secrets! You must go check it out.

See a video tour of the venue here:

As for the band, they were fantastic. Sean Lennon and his beautiful girlfriend, Charlotte Kemp Muhl are the lead singers.

Image via here

A captivating duo, Sean’s voice is wonderfully familiar and Charlotte’s whispery soft tones blend perfectly. Their music is comprised of a lyrical blend of different influences….well, I could try to explain but why don’t you just listen for yourself…the talented couple appeared on the Conan show Thursday night…

The opening act was done by the lovely and local, Laura Gibson. Listen to some of her music here.

Overall, it was a wonderful night! I love seeing live musicians at fabulous venues like the Woods and you gotta love it when old and rather depressing buildings (funeral homes) can be transformed and filled with light, energy and music!