bathroom designfoodI SPY DESGINinterior design January 17, 2011

I spy little bird

During the holidays everyone calls and wants to dine, it really gets to be too much trying to fight the crowds, not to mention the calorie & wine intake! This year, I suggested to a few friends that we should go and celebrate in January instead. It is fun catching up after the holiday whirlwind and trying the new dining spots and yes, of course, the fun bathrooms! It is rainy and cold and so presents more reason to take in the comfort food and wonderful red wines at Little Bird, this is Le Pigeon a new Bistro on the SW side.

I SPY a very spring Paris bathroom, lets go inside to get inspired!

very french, very cozy, tucked behind big pink on the transit mall

the decor is whimsical and the walls bird egg blue – perfect for rainy days!

small birds everywhere, the bathroom delightful!

inspired? breath of spring….

Bye Bye little bird with the moon over head – till next time – which will be soon………

Let me know any new cozy spots you have visited.