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Mass transit in my neighborhood

By now, I’m sure you have realized that I am really into mass transit. I try to incorporate it into my life locally and whenever I travel. It not only decreases our carbon footprint it unites communities.

As a real estate agent, I am actively involved with my clients and their changing needs. When people want to move, transportation is a major topic. While marketing beautiful condo units like 555 Second Street and the Stafford Commons – it is obvious that mass transit is extremely important to these buyers. One of their first questions would be, “Candace, where can I get on a bus?” or “Where is the future street car going to be?”

Many of my buyers who are downsizing want to completely change their lifestyle. They want to be able to walk to the market or the park. They want to rely on mass transit and leave their cars in the garage. They want to ride their bikes more! They desire healthy, active and accessible community living. I love it! It’s the way it should be. The most beautiful cities in the world are built upon these ideals. Portland being one of them!

The Lake Oswego Streetcar is a hot button topic right now in my neighborhood. I’m sure you can guess how I feel about it but, like any major change that involves a lot of money, it is inevitably controversial.

For more info check out this recent article by Steve Duin from the Oregonian. Go here to the Lake Oswego Project page for more information, how to get involved and an overview of the three options that are being considered. Want the nitty-gritty details? Check out the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Get comfy…it’s long!!! A glass of wine may be needed!

In the meantime…here are some shots from my European Mass Transit experiences….

This is in Prague! Trolley, streetcar and cabs all on the cobblestone streets! Love it!

Little ole' me waiting for a train in Halsatt, Austria! Europeans really get mass transit!

What are your thoughts on mass transit? Is their enough of it where you live?

Have a fantastic Friday!