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small homes; BIG help

Let’s face it, most of us are incredibly spoiled. We have everything we need when it comes to the basic needs and yet we often complain about things that others only dream about. Our big homes, fridges full of food and our fluffy king size beds – we have so much to be thankful for. When I read about companies like BSB Designs, World Shelters and Habihut it reminds me to be grateful.

Abod Units by BSB Design in South Africa

A U-Dome Encampment in River Haven, California

These companies are determined to provide shelter to those in need. By reducing construction costs and creating modular homes that can be erected in a couple of hours, they have successfully deployed these units to Haiti, South Africa and even California, where homelessness is on the rise. These tiny homes are making a BIG difference in our world.

Check out this video above to see how Habihut can build villages using these extraordinary units!

Want to help out? Go here to donate and help build shelters in Haiti.

As I climb into bed tonight, I’ll be saying thanks for all the simple comforts in my life.

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