CommunitydownsizingEvents September 8, 2010

Get Wild…

Looking for something fabulous to do with your Friday night? Why not get a little wild and come to this wonderful event put on by the Columbia Land Trust? Wine, dine and do some good for this worthy cause…

Columbia Land Trust works to permanently conserve the natural resources of the Columbia River region. We conserve, restore, and manage signature landscapes, vital habitats, and working farms and forests in Oregon and Washington from east of the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. These lands are at risk from overdevelopment, unsustainable practices, and other threats. By working positively with landowners and local communities we can sustain the unique qualities of the Pacific Northwest for our children and future generations.

We all love wine and we all love the pristine beauty of the Northwest. You may be giving up your big backyards as you downsize but it just means you have more resources to protecting the true “backyard” of our community – acres of breathtaking wildlife preserve – that will bring great pleasure to generations to come! Talk about a sweet gift to your grandkids!

I really believe in this organization and was co-chair/coordinator of the live auction back when it was called The Three Rivers Land Conservatory. It has been amazing to witness the growth and support increase over the years and a lovely treat to just sit back and enjoy the event this year!

If you join us, be sure to look for me at the “Wild Wall of Wine” where a display of 100 bottles of wine, all concealed in identical wine bags will be up for sale. Buy a magical, mystery bottle for $25.00! I love this!

Hope to see you there!