downsizing May 24, 2010

Downsizing – What does it really mean?

Lately, everyone is going through a shift, not only with jobs but with their living space and this inevitably effects our lifestyle. This is the problem everyone is scared to talk about – no one knows how to do it.

I am not just talking about senior housing…or retirement.

Downsizing is affecting renters, vacation home owners, empty-nesters & multi-generational families. As an interior designer, contractor and real estate broker, I come across some pretty interesting stories of people experiencing this transition.

My desire, is to gather everyone in a room and have a virtual chat – blogging allows me to do this! So, get comfy, grab a cup of tea or wine and let’s discuss how you are dealing with these changes.

Have you downsized? What does it look like and what are the challenges? What are the pleasant surprises?

Let’s give each other support, creative advice and inspiration!

I, too, am going through this process of downsizing – out of the big house and onto a new adventure!

Let’s talk about the elements involved: implementing change, space planning and lifestyle adjustments.


We know businesses are downsizing already and so are we! Changing your living situation to a new paradigm – it may be less square footage or living with others, it may be multiple smaller homes, or a boat! It may be renting instead of owning a home. I am going to explore all the possibilities and share stories of real people who have gone through changing their lifestyles.

Have you made a change yet and why?


Well…being a designer for the last 20 years – SPACE is what I deal with daily.

Space is everything. It affects your pocketbook, mood and it enables you to interact socially with others. A home has both private and public spaces, so it must employ smart design for it to be beautiful and functional. I will be sharing LOTS of ideas on how to use space efficiently!

What great ideas have you used in making your space personal & functional?


How does lifestyle affect our space? The setting may be urban – are you going  to walk more, use mass transit, enjoy parks, work at home, travel and most importantly – live energy-efficient?

What kind of lifestyle do you want and how does your living space effect that?

Thank you brave friends!

I look forward to introducing you to my smart & savvy supportive friends and clients that have encouraged me to blog and follow my trend instincts. They have been though this process one way or another- their stories will be shared-

Ivette Newport, designer & blogger, Nick & Wendy Thacher from Chicago Title, Lake Oswego Chamber (I attended their fantastic Forge marketing seminar “Digital Strategies for a New Decade”), Jack & AJ Kemp Hawksview Cellars for believing in my ideas and letting me run with them! Oh, and I must thank Mrs. French for featuring my little beach home on her amazing blog – Bliss.

Lastly, to all my clients that inspire me with their positive attitude towards their new lifestyle change – they are the brave trailblazers!


Images via: 1. rjwelho 2. HomeHouseDesign 3. SP8254 – on sabbatical