Old Barn – New Home

Happy Friday! Hope your week has gone well.

So, after my last post, I was eager to find a beautiful home that used reclaimed materials in the building process. This one caught my eye….

Would you believe that this gorgeous residence used an old barn frame for the main living quarters!? Yup…an old barn in the area was going to be torn down, so the genius team over at Alex Scott Porter Design saved it and put it to good use in this home!

I love how the old and the new come together to create an interior with such unique character, rich in texture and contrast.

Who says an old barn can’t do new tricks? This home truly illustrates the exciting possibilities of forward thinking, eco-conscious design!

Have a great weekend!


Images via Alex Scott Porter Design

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Blog Love & The Selby

I just stumbled upon a fabulous small space design blog that I absolutely love. You have got to check out loving.living.small.

Fabulous ideas, gorgeous pics and creative solutions for living in 1000 sq ft or less! What’s not to love?!

Via this blog I discovered this amazing small home in Brooklyn, NY – meet The Selby…

How beautiful is this neutral palette? I love the loft guest bed!


The kitchen is perfectly appointed! See how they take the shelves right to the ceiling to maximize storage…

Well organized shelves are both visually interesting and functional. Group your collections together to give them more impact.

Expand your space and reflect light using large mirrors!

White on white works wonders in this small bathroom.

Who says you can’t have a garden in New York? This back patio is the perfect retreat! No yard to mow either!

I hope you enjoyed this little tour! I love seeing inside tiny homes that are executed so beautifully! For more images from this home go here.

Hope your week is going well!


Images via here, here and here.

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Super {small} stylish living in NY

Good things come in small packages right? Well this teeny tiny NY apartment delivers on that.

Beautifully designed and precisely appointed, it clearly illustrates that less really can be more.

Images via Home Design Ideas.com

A smaller space can offer a more peaceful, clutter free lifestyle.

We all have too much stuff! Reducing the unnecessary in our homes often clears the path for more focus, concise decision making and increased productivity.

So you know that crazy drawer that is screaming to be organized? Listen to it.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

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