Boxes on my mind

After my last post where the Feng Shui cube was featured, you could say that boxes have been on my mind. In fact, I found another fabulous article in the New York Times with these teeny tiny micro homes created by Derek Diedricksen. How cool are these? Talk about designing in a box!

Using salvaged materials these shelters are constructed for around $200.00. This one is called the Gypsy Junker. Take a look inside at the bunk bed and heater that runs on vegetable oil, of course!

Here is Diedricksen, cozy in his model, aptly named, “The Boxy Lady”. Here’s the interior shot…

Images via New York Times

For more pics and the full article go here. Want more info? He has a You Tube segment here and interviews Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Homes here.

For the past three days, I’ve been pretty much existing in a box (a conference room) from 8 am to 7 pm!  But it’s all good because I’ve been learning about Ninja Selling.

No, not that kind of Ninja…lol.

Ninja Selling (named after the creator whose nickname is Ninja) is taught by Larry Kendall and it is a fantastic Selling program to bring  out the best in you, so you can pass on the very highest level of service to your clients. He also teaches how to maintain your active lifestyle while still being a dedicated and successful realtor! Many of you know, that I juggle tennis, skiing, biking, remodeling and real estate, so this program was perfect for me!  It has been a fascinating course and I highly recommend it!

Last year, was one of my best in Real Estate at Windermere – thanks to all my downsizing clients who were ready for a new lifestyle but I want to continue to sharpen my skills and knowledge so I can best assist the next wave of “Downsizers”.

So let me know if you have any of your own downsizing dilemmas, concerns or ideas. I’m here to assist you with all aspects of the transition!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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Update: Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed Homes

A couple of months ago I did a post about Jay Shafer from Tumbleweed Homes – a man on a mission to build and live in tiny homes.

Got a little update for you! He, his wife and their baby boy have moved into a larger home!

By larger, I mean a 500 sq. ft home…which when compared to his expansive 89 sq. ft bachelor pad (seen below)…well…that is a step up!

{To see the video tour of this teeny home click here.}

Although, I haven’t found images of his new home. I would imagine he may have used his own Whidbey design…charming isn’t it?

For more on Jay and the downsizing revolution check out this great article via Yahoo News.

Have a very happy Friday!

All images via

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Tumbleweed Houses

Now, when most of us think of downsizing we think – “Let’s move from a four bedroom to a two bedroom.” Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company takes downsizing to a whole new level.

His charming little homes range from an itty-bitty 65 square feet to 743 square feet. Jay lives in the EPU model, a mere 89 square feet!

Check out this video tour of his home that was featured on Oprah

Each model has been designed with immense precision, since every inch counts.

Jay’s desire for a debt free, environmentally friendly lifestyle, without the constraints and maintenance of a larger home led him to design and build many of these homes himself. Now, nationally recognized, he is on a mission to change how people think about their homes and what we truly need to be happy.

Could you live in one of these? Do we value square footage over peace of mind? Let me know what you think.

Have a fantastic Thursday!

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