Small Spaces: The Ultimate Shopping Resource

Hi all! Hope you are doing well! Been a hectic week for me, as usual but I did manage to stumble upon this gem of an article via and I had to share it with you. Go check out this fabulous shopping resource list for all the items you might need to furnish your tiny space.

Go here for the full list! Happy Shopping and have a wonderful weekend!



Image via here.

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Small Spaces : A Jewel Box of Ideas

Hello! Hope your summer is going well. Mine has been very busy – working, gardening, planning my remodel and visiting with family and friends! Finally had some time to check out the internet for some inspiration and I had to share this with you…

Found this amazing design contest  via Jovoto, that has closed but the plans submitted are just fabulous! The assignment was to design a “Jewel Box” studio apartment within 420 sq. ft. Here are a few shots from the 1st place winner

{images via}

Some really ingenious ideas here. Go check out more of the design entries…I could have spent all day going thru them! So inventive!

Have a great rest of the week!



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Fabulous Swedish Apartment

Hello friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend! We had far too much rain here…although it did allow me to spend some time finding inspiration online. I am constantly amazed at the endless sources of gorgeous ideas on downsized living. When I found this amazing loft in Sweden via here, I knew I had to share it with you!

Let’s take the tour of this beautiful 657 sq. ft. dwelling…

Pale floors and walls make the space feel expansive. The playful pops of color add interest and create focal points. Love that pink couch!

Wall mounted shelving provides plenty of storage without visually taking up square footage. Streamlined tables with slender legs keep the furniture light.

Before we head to the gorgeous kitchen and terrace…let’s take a peek into the bedroom and bath…

The whimsical wallpaper really gives  the room personality and is perfectly balanced with the white bedding. So fresh! Notice the sweet floating bedside table too – remember the more floor you see the bigger a room feels!

Although simple, this bathroom has a lovely appeal with the candy striped curtain and punches of red!

On to my favorite part…the kitchen and terrace! Wait till you see it…you won’t want to leave.

Isn’t it fabulous? I love the contrast of the light wood floor with the dark tile of the kitchen. Again, the use of bold colors in the back-splash balance all the white and you gotta love the abundant sunlight! Speaking of the sun, ready to step out onto the amazing terrace?

I know, breathtaking, right? This is where I would be spending as much time as possible!

What did you like best?


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Bring your Antiques!

Just because you are downsizing doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your favorite antique pieces! With a little creative thinking and good space planning those beloved hutches, chests, secretaries and bookcases can come along with you. They often provide ample storage, which is key in a downsized home and they almost certainly hold memories and special meaning – so bring them along! Let’s peek into the home one of my own “downsizers” and see how she incorporates her much loved, large scale pieces into her 1,800 sq. ft. abode.

Oozing with European style and opulence, this client plays with scale and challenges her space by not being shy about large pieces. Balancing light and dark prevents the room from feeling heavy. High ceilings and ample natural light makes the space appear larger.

An antique silver tray adds sparkle to this tufted leather ottoman…

By creating stylish vignettes, she tells a story and creates layers of personal interest with her collections.

This majestic hutch is right at home in this open floor plan.

And who would have guessed that this painted bookshelf would fit perfectly into this hallway! A great place to grab a good book and smile at family photos on the way to bed.

An eclectic sitting room is full of antique finds. The different styles blend effortlessly, resulting in a room full of character and warmth.

So, don’t get rid of all your favorite pieces, thinking you must go buy a complete set of small-scale furniture for your new downsized home. Mix it up, keep what you love, get rid of what doesn’t work, play with scale and create balance within your new rightsized lifestyle.

Need help? I’m here for you!






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Closet Office

I have begun to meet up with several of my 555 residents to document some of their downsizing solutions. It has been so much fun re-connecting with them, touring their homes and having them share their downsizing stories with me.

One of my favorite solutions that I have seen is the closet office! In a smaller living quarters, sometimes the office space is the first to go but with a little creativity, one can put that workspace back into the plan! One of my “downsizers” did just that!

By lining the space with shelving and inserting a desk top she has given her husband a workstation that didn’t originally fit into their home. The best part – when it gets messy she can just close the door!

Here are some other fabulous closet offices…


What do you think? Do you have a closet just waiting to be cleared out and transformed?

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Smart Design – Studio Apartment

Found via here, I couldn’t wait to share this fantastic New York studio apartment with you. Within its tiny 450 sq. ft. living space, this transforming custom built-in handles all the functions of the home! Check it out..


Now that’s what I call smart design!


Images by Alan Tansey via here

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Transformer Apartment

Living in smaller spaces has many advantages but it comes with its challenges too. The amazing Hong Kong architect, Gary Chang, came up with this incredible solution! Watch and be amazed…

Talk about taking downsizing to a whole new level!! What do you think about this? Could you live here?

Have a great Thursday!

Video via YouTube

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Super {small} stylish living in NY

Good things come in small packages right? Well this teeny tiny NY apartment delivers on that.

Beautifully designed and precisely appointed, it clearly illustrates that less really can be more.

Images via Home Design

A smaller space can offer a more peaceful, clutter free lifestyle.

We all have too much stuff! Reducing the unnecessary in our homes often clears the path for more focus, concise decision making and increased productivity.

So you know that crazy drawer that is screaming to be organized? Listen to it.

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

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