downsizing Small space : Big Impact with FLOR tiles Have you heard of FLOR? They are an innovative flooring company that has developed modular flooring solutions that have big impact! Perfect for small spaces, these ingenious carpet tiles will add serious style to your rooms! Check out some of my favorite looks… Modern… Or more traditional… FLOR’s wide selection of styles and colors has […]
downsizing Apartment Therapy in a Book I’m sure many of you love following the extremely successful and inspirational blog : Apartment Therapy.  Never heard of it?  You must go take a look. It is chock full of fantastic ideas and home tours of some really incredible spaces. For all those considering downsizing, it is an absolute necessary stop on your internet […]
downsizing Get your Design fix – online. Beginning the process of downsizing, we often look to the interior design world for inspiration and ideas but as more and more design magazines fold, internet or E-magazines are showing up on the radar. I love curling up with a good design mag and a cup of coffee but the reality is that the technology […]
Community small homes; BIG help Let’s face it, most of us are incredibly spoiled. We have everything we need when it comes to the basic needs and yet we often complain about things that others only dream about. Our big homes, fridges full of food and our fluffy king size beds – we have so much to be thankful for. […]
downsizing Transformer Apartment Living in smaller spaces has many advantages but it comes with its challenges too. The amazing Hong Kong architect, Gary Chang, came up with this incredible solution! Watch and be amazed… Talk about taking downsizing to a whole new level!! What do you think about this? Could you live here? Have a great Thursday! Video […]
bathroom design What’s under the stairs? In my last post, I discussed maximizing your space and today I wanted to share some really innovative solutions for that space under your flight of stairs! Why waste this perfectly good spot? Have you considered this commonly overlooked space as… Or a…OR (and I love this one)… Just some fun ideas! More here. Do […]
downsizing Maximize your space Smaller spaces demand organization. Less square footage means multi-functional rooms and typically, minimal storage. What to do? We are so used to our big attics, garages and basements (which typically get jammed full of stuff we don’t actually need) that we often resist giving them up. When we do downsize we have to change the […]
Community Get Wild… Looking for something fabulous to do with your Friday night? Why not get a little wild and come to this wonderful event put on by the Columbia Land Trust? Wine, dine and do some good for this worthy cause… Columbia Land Trust works to permanently conserve the natural resources of the Columbia River region. We […]
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downsizing Inspired by Oberlin College Spent the last week in Ohio at Oberlin College, getting my son all set up and ready for the new school year. I can’t believe how fast summer flew by! I have to share this great shot of Peter with his life all packed up in four…yes FOUR, boxes! How did we go from a […]
downsizing Tumbleweed Houses Now, when most of us think of downsizing we think – “Let’s move from a four bedroom to a two bedroom.” Jay Shafer, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company takes downsizing to a whole new level. His charming little homes range from an itty-bitty 65 square feet to 743 square feet. Jay lives in the […]
downsizing Super {small} stylish living in NY Good things come in small packages right? Well this teeny tiny NY apartment delivers on that. Beautifully designed and precisely appointed, it clearly illustrates that less really can be more. Images via Home Design A smaller space can offer a more peaceful, clutter free lifestyle. We all have too much stuff! Reducing the unnecessary […]
downsizing My love affair with Schwinn Okay, so I have a confession…I have a soft place in my heart for vintage Schwinn bikes. In fact, I own three. Meet my rides: I fixed up this cute red one with the the oh so stylish white tires, she lives at our beach house… The tandem bike gets lots of use at the beach […]
downsizing Urban garden inspiration I like to garden and get my hands dirty…it can truly be a creative experience – a zen moment. Although I may garden alone, sharing my garden with friends brings me much joy! Many of the people I meet, often feel attached to their large yard and this prevents them from downsizing. They may not […]
downsizing Downsizing – What does it really mean? Lately, everyone is going through a shift, not only with jobs but with their living space and this inevitably effects our lifestyle. This is the problem everyone is scared to talk about – no one knows how to do it. I am not just talking about senior housing…or retirement. Downsizing is affecting renters, vacation home […]