Smart Design – Studio Apartment

Found via here, I couldn’t wait to share this fantastic New York studio apartment with you. Within its tiny 450 sq. ft. living space, this transforming custom built-in handles all the functions of the home! Check it out..


Now that’s what I call smart design!


Images by Alan Tansey via here

Posted on April 6, 2011 at 3:50 pm
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5 responses to “Smart Design – Studio Apartment”

  1. Carol Povey says:

    I want two of these. One for my backyard where I can live. One for my daughter’s backyard
    where her friends can rent. And maybe one for my son because he has the space to collect
    fun houses.

  2. Samuel Bahgat says:

    I like this design
    We are in Egypt have big problem in housing
    This is good idea.

  3. Samuel Bahgat says:

    my e-mail is
    my work is civil engineer
    and many ppl asking me to find solution of housing

  4. lynn says:

    great idea for super small space. I have a new Manila Philippines studio flat almost the same shape and love this idea for storage and hiding away the bed.

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