Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!

Hello there! It’s been a busy week with a trip to Seattle for the Picasso exhibition and a drive out to the coast but I knew I had to share this amazing remodel with you before the week came to a close.

Everyone loves good makeovers and the ones involving tiny spaces, creative design and ingenious solutions are my all time favorites! Check out how Seattle artist, designer and welder, Michelle de la Vega, created this beautiful little 250 sq. ft. haven…

The before…

This lonely little detached garage is just begging for some love.

The after! Isn’t it fabulous!?

A cozy, light filled sleeping loft is so perfect for the space. Must be a dreamy spot on all those rainy days.

The kitchen is well organized and accessible with open storage solutions. Love those vintage crates that most likely serve as drawers!

The rustic wood burning stove becomes sculptural in this room along with Michelle’s own art installations.

The glass boxes housing pillow forms are actually a tribute to Michelle’s father. Each one is covered with his old architectural drawings. A lovely personal and nostalgic touch.

You know I am a big fan of great bathroom design and this one delivers. Its simplicity is calming, earthy and zen like and I love how surprising a tub is in this tiny home!

To finish our little home tour, I had to point out this old locker. Re-purposing found and used objects like this really adds to the depth and personality of your home. It’s also a great way to be green! Up-cycled perfection.

Oh and just so you know…Michelle only spent $32,000 on the renovation!

How many of us have garages that only house our junk!? What could you do with a space like this? That home office you’ve always wanted, a studio, a guest house? So many possibilities…

Have a lovely weekend!

All images via michelledelavega.com

Posted on November 12, 2010 at 4:45 pm
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73 responses to “Old Garage turned Mini Dream Home!”

  1. Daryl R. says:

    This is really cool. Ive seen…no, Ive cleaned many of these small little gargage/storage places and its nice to see it being used in a much more useful as well as econmic way..:)

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • candace kramer says:

      I have taken my beach garage and made it into dining hall- I love the multi use of garages
      Talk about high density in your own backyard! ck

  2. candace kramer says:

    what would you spend it on??????????

  3. Gideon Highlander says:

    This is very nice. In fact, I like very thing about it. I thinks this ideas should be used for small houses/housing projects in my part of the world; Africa. Please keep can I get the ebook/word version of how you went about it. God bless you. Keep it up.

  4. Richard says:

    Now this is awesome. If I was a single man and didn’t have kids, I could definitely picture myself living happily in there. Michelle de la Vega did a wonderful job transforming this garage into a home.

  5. Noel Holmes says:

    that is really nice… do you have any more design like this… Plz send me website addresses for them…

  6. mentorlog says:

    Interiors is really good..

  7. Ben says:

    It’s misleading if you look closely at the before and after pictures. Look at the trees and houses in the background. Still space wise it a nice design for 250sq ft.

  8. Mia says:

    Ben, I noticed the same thing! Sure the new one is really nice, so good job on that! But why put some other garage and lie it’s been “transformed” You can totally see those buildings are in different places!

  9. ohap33 says:

    This is so amazing! Great use of a small space that otherwise would be wasted on hoarding stuff that doesn’t get used anymore. Would love to have a place like this to be used as a guest cottage.

  10. Joshua Ludd says:

    I like the design, but I keep seeing all these loft sleeping spaces with ladders, and I can;t help but think that these are not spaces for anyone much beyond their 40s to live in.. at best.

  11. Leslee says:

    love the design and the simplicity of it all

  12. machinezeit says:

    I must say what Richard said is exactly what I’m thinking, I’m single and have no kids. So this would be the ultimate living space for me. I could be so creatively inspired there, especially on rainy days. Awesome metamorphosis!

  13. Kathy says:

    so cool, how much money was this transformation?

  14. Wow, can he do my garage next? LOL!

  15. me says:

    @ Ben and Mia
    it seems that the before and after are different views of the house….one being the north side the other the south…i do not believe they are intentionally misrepresentative.just different views..one from the front the other from the back…however it does seem like there was an addition made

  16. Rom says:

    Hello Candace,
    You have a nice post. I love those beautiful pictures. I particularly love your well-organized kitchen. Great shot!

  17. Amazing – aesthetics at work

  18. Sue Jensen says:

    I was delighted to view the garage living quarters. How much space we leave unused and this was just a great example of turning that around and making it a functional living space. Your paying taxes on it, it may as well be usable. Loved the creative flow. Thanks.

    • candace kramer says:

      Hi Sue! So glad you enjoyed the tour of the garage transformation! You are so right! If we are paying taxes for it we absolutely should be enjoying it!! Thanks so much for stopping by! CK

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  20. AyChiMama says:

    @ Mia, why would you assume that it’s not the same structure? Do you not think that it could have been photographed from two different angles? What makes you think that in re-designing the garage, she couldn’t have closed in the original garage door opening with a wall, and create a new door opening on the opposite wall? Must you be so negative? Why not just appreciate the vision of a obviously creative thinker?

  21. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

    • candace kramer says:

      Hi Rodney. Thanks for stopping by. This is actually a WordPress blog and so far no trouble with hackers. 🙂 Hope you find a platform that works for you…I’ve hear Typepad is really good too.

  22. Wow that is amazing, that garage looks better than most houses,

  23. lynn says:

    Thanks this is amazing,just love the place,love its simplisty and the classey features

  24. cessanaj says:

    Wow! I must say that this is really great. I couln’t imagine a haven with a very little space up til now. this is splendid!

    • candace kramer says:

      I know! I was so impressed too! Glad you can now see how inspiring a small home can be. Thank you for visiting! CK

  25. Candace,

    The pillows made out of old drawings are amazing. My Dad is a builder and still draws his plans by hand instead of using a CAD program. I can see us doing something like this sometime.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • candace kramer says:

      Hi Wade! Yes those pillows are too cool! A great project for sure…especially since your father is a builder! What a lovely way to cherish his hand made drawings. Thanks for stopping by the blog. CK

  26. Alice says:

    The house is delightful!. It’s it used for a retreat or is it a primary residence?

    • candace kramer says:

      Hi Alice! I’m so glad you enjoyed the house. I believe this is the primary residence for the artist who remodeled the space. Thanks so much for stopping by. CK

  27. Jess says:

    I only wish this was a full length story (or show!) detailing the whole start to finish! Awesome photos. I am so envious of this house! I probably spend 32,000 on rent in 2 years!

    • candace kramer says:

      Hi Jess! I know I wish I could have seen the entire process too! I’m hoping to remodel a garage and turn it into a studio/loft so I will be documenting that on the blog…stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by! CK

  28. thenewgreen says:

    Wow, amazing work. Very well done… I’d most certainly live there. Good design is always fun to see. I found this little gem on hubski.com of an outdoor chicken coop designed properly. Check it out, I’ll provide the link below. Again, great work.


    • candace kramer says:

      Hi Steve. Thanks for visiting the blog, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Also, thank you for the link to the chicken coop/veggie garden. What a brilliant idea!!!

  29. Armand Florida says:

    What key words would I use on google to find out how to make something like this? My greatest concern is the plumbing. I probably would consult a plumber but what keywords would I search for on the internet to find more about this stuff?

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  31. Gisela says:

    Esto si que es increible… que espacio tan hermoso asi pequeño me encanto..increible..hermosooo..felicito a quien realmente hiso esto..!!

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  33. Cami says:

    WOW!this is awsome! i wish i coulddo this! ur so smart:)

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  35. Jon Garletts says:


  36. claire gonzales says:


  37. LiMoO says:

    This like a wonderful Interior Designs. Thanks for sharing it.

  38. Stunning! I really love the design, it feels so cosy and home! Big up!


  39. Will says:

    I agree the end result is fantastic and I don’t mean to spoil the fun but that isn’t the same building!

    It doesn’t even have the same trees around it, the proportions of the doorway are completely different etc etc etc

  40. Tyler says:

    Nice. Similar to plans I have to convert a 13’x19′ shed into a WeeHouse. In my design, I have a full blown kitchen where she put her double doors – beautiful but they take up a whole wall. She also could have put the Rinnai tankless heater in an outside access closet behind the tub. I’ve got to do that for mine because I also need space for my pressure tank for my water well and a place for my circuit breaker panel. She must have moved the garage to a new location because that W. Red Cedar on the left. The wood stove too looks way too big for the space. Mine is about that size and it heats a 1600 sqft basement really well and keeps my 1700 sqft main floor tolerable even in Jan. You could definitely get by with a much smaller stove in Seattle’s mild winters. Cheers and good work.

  41. Tom says:

    looks amazing… but I feel like getting out of the bed would be painful.. I think I’d bonk my head nearly every morning!

  42. Ana says:

    Very elegant design in its simplicity. Re: Will’s comment; it is obvious that the roof was raised and the volume thus increased. Perhaps that is what gives you the impression that the double doors have a different proportion from the inside. I also think the garage door opening was larger that the new french doors. I would love to have product information on the bathroom faucet and sink. I love the salvaged finds!

  43. MpegEVIL says:

    Wow. That’s pretty amazing.

  44. Logo says:

    i would love to meet the person who came up with this idea


  45. Ryann says:

    That was awesome!…but that’s not for the booze drinkers 😀

  46. G.U. says:

    That was perfectly great…gives me an idea how to turn an old boat hangar at the beach front. Great post!

  47. Felix says:

    The renovators are is the best creattive ever, they’ll be able to transform from old to new, from useless to usefull.

  48. Agustin says:

    wow, congratulations!, beautiful!!!
    So good taste for decoration also!

  49. Awesome! Love the creativity and ingenuity. Got some idea for our old garage. Thanks for the great post.

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