My love affair with Schwinn

Okay, so I have a confession…I have a soft place in my heart for vintage Schwinn bikes. In fact, I own three. Meet my rides:

I fixed up this cute red one with the the oh so stylish white tires, she lives at our beach house

The tandem bike gets lots of use at the beach house too! It’s a favorite of the kids and our pup loves to ride in the front basket.

My third Schwinn is a boys bike (my son’s favorite) and I love the old vintage details, like the original seat with the big springs – not too kind on the derriere but the look is too cool! This beauty has been restored and also holds residence at the beach.

With my own life shifting towards downsizing, getting around by bike really makes sense to me, plus it’s just plain fun! These bikes have such character and style. I purchased them all through fund raisers held by the Lake Oswego Rotary Club lobster feed and the TRASH BASH which is hands down the best spring party in Manzanita! Both the Bike Gallery and Mike’s Bikes have helped me restored my bikes, they smile when I come in.

My love affair with bikes started 25 years ago, when I acquired by very first road bike. I was managing the Mt. Shop downtown and The Bike Gallery was conveniently located next door. The mechanic Mike turned me onto a used Raleigh racing road bike tricked out with campagnolo gear. Back then, I  biked to work – from the Lloyd district to downtown and that was before all the cool new bike paths!

My next bike was a mountain bike – a Specialized, named “Epic” and painted RED, of course! (I was trying to impress my future husband who was an avid biker!) It worked.

When I travel, I almost always rent a bike. It’s a fantastic way to really experience the city. This shot was on a river bridge in Prague.

Riding in style is a must. I prefer to ride wearing a skirt…it’s oh-so European and feels very feminine. Most of the women there bike in heels too!

Images via weheartit

Portland is one of the most bike friendly cities in the United States. We even have a local real estate agent who sells homes via her bike!

So dust off that bike that is haunting your garage and get out there! Biking is a great way to reduce your carbon imprint, get exercise and it saves you money!

I’m hunting for my next city bike, I’m thinking it might be the Electra Amsterdam royal…any suggestions? I’m thinking of test riding it in heels!

I would love to hear from you – What do you ride??

Happy Wednesday!

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6 responses to “My love affair with Schwinn”

  1. Alexis says:

    Hi Candace:

    I enjoy your posts tremendously,…nice to see another one. I ride a trek or a target. lol. My target bike I bought for $100 just because it was orange. The kids have helped me spruce it up with lights and fenders. Youngest son, Hayes, starts at UofP next week and hopes to land a job in the bike shop there. If you need an on-site fix, he’s available!


  2. Jack Walker says:

    Was the Epic the bike you used to ride in the wetlands by your old house in Sellwood, I’ll never forget your yelps when we used to ride down there:)
    I’ve got three old Schwinn’s, a 3 speed Red Corvette, and a matching pair of Blue bikes that were at my parents house in Ocean Shores. One is a Surburan, and I think the other is a FairLady. I saw a Black Typhoon the other day that had a Campy front shock, raiser carbon Mt bars, a RaceFace crank, fat tires! it literally blew me away! I’m thinking of putting a 3-7 speed rear hub and some 3″ tires on my Corvette, but have to keep the corvette chain guard.

  3. candace says:

    Jack – No the bike I rode in Sellwood had to be the one and only pink/yellow Scott Mt bike! It was the only year Scott – from Scott ski pole fame got into the bike biz!
    Wow you have some cool Schwinns – would love to see pics
    3″ tires on the corvette – a must!
    I am on the look for old white wall tires.
    Have fun riding!ck

  4. Rhonda Knoche says:

    Hey, wouldn’t you know…I have a cobalt blue Schwinn (to match my eyes). I call her “Schlemiel”. Bought her last year from one of the “kids next door” (the house full of 20-somethings). Need to get her pumped up & me, too, for some good recoup on the leg. When I saw it, I had to have it; reminded me of Children’s Day in Grand Mound, Ia. They always had a drawing for a girl’s & boy’s bike & one year, I won! Same color. My birthday also happens to be International Children’s Day. Coincidence? I think not.

    I finally got my other new “ride” (the kind with 4 wheels) since the accident. It’s a bit of a trip in the Way Back Machine, as well, to great memories. A sister to a different kind of FairLady, as your friend Jack mentions, it’s a 35th Anniversay Edition, giving an homage to the first one I owned. I’ll have to pick you up for a ride…if I can catch up to you!

  5. Mark says:

    Very nice! We just bought two old schwinn tandems for the family. We want to add a big basket to the front of the bikes. Could you tell me the size that you have? It looks perfect. Thanks.

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